Press Release

Panathinaikos Volleyball USA is now Panathinaikos Athletic Organization (PAO)

Panathinaikos  Athletic  Organization  was  formed  to  provide  a  strong  and  welcoming  family environment. Our vision and methodology is grounded in player and coach development. PAO athletes and coaches grow through uniformed training, individual player  development,  physical  condition  sessions  and  gameplay  review.  We  prioritize  personal player development through specialized training crafted to meet the needs of individual athletes while fostering competitive, cohesive team units.

Effective June 6th, 2022, Sasa will serve as Club Director/Coach Director in addition to his duties as Owner/CEO. Sasa has been involved in volleyball since 2004. He is an experienced club director having coached for more than 15 years while serving as club director for multiple clubs since 2013. Sasa will continue coaching at the high school and middle school levels with PAO.

Nathan will serve as Owner/CFO and Director of Club Business Operations/Parent Director. Nathan has more than 30 years of experience with the sport of volleyball and over 20 years of professional business management knowledge. Nathan has over 11 years of coaching experience at various levels of the sport. His mission is to provide a fun environment where players develop on an individual level and teams strive in competition. Nathan will continue to coach at the high school and middle school levels with PAO.

Meaghan Vasiljevic will serve as CAO/Assistant Club Director. Meaghan has more than 15 years of experience in the sport of volleyball including 11 years of coaching. Meaghan has coached players aged 7-17 and was a highly awarded player herself. Meaghan will continue coaching at the high school level with PAO. 

Tanya Abshire will serve as Director of Club Operations. Tanya brings more than 20 years of professional financial and management experience to the PAO executive team. Tanya has been involved in club sports nearly her entire life. Tanya will be focused on parent communication and club operations in addition to helping with training duties.

Sasa, Nathan, Meaghan and Tanya could not be more excited for this new adventure! We thank you for your loyalty and support and cannot wait to be back in the gym! #BEPAO  

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